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ARTIST STATEMENT: Kristine Jenson, Designer and Owner of Jenson Natural Jewelry

I have worked in the natural resources world my entire adult life, helping to protect lakes, streams and wetlands, creating natural landscapes to promote plant diversity and support birds, pollinators and wildlife. And now I share the beauty of natural stones through wearable art.

The natural world has always been a passion of mine. I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and my parents would take me out ot the city to the North Shore of Lake Superior. I spent hours climbing on rock cliffs, exploring the pine woods and gazing at the majestic lake. I feel at peace, and yet more alive and energized than ever, when I am there. To this day it is my favorite place.

Jenson Natural Jewelry uses natural stones and gems such as Agate, Jasper and Quartz to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant to last for many years. Each piece is handmade by me with attention to quality. When you order from JNJ, you are dealing directly with me as an independent artist. You are more than a customer--you become a friend. Many people believe in the healing and supportive qualities of these natural and beautiful stones.

n order for me to move into this new line of business that actually requires me to sell something, I needed a larger purpose than only making money. I realized I could use my company to share the story of my beloved niece Devon, who passed away in 2003 from a rare heart defect. I could keep her memory alive and help others in her situation by donating some of the profits of the business to the Heart Program at the University of Minnesota. We also donate to a local non-profit theater company called Ashland Productions and to Minnesota Public Radio. At least 10% of company profits goes to these amazing organizations.

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