ARTIST STATEMENT: Jessica Phan, Founder and Designer, Hathorway

Hathorway was founded by former Silicon Valley designer in tech, Jessica Phan.
In 2015, Jessica travelled to Vietnam to reconnect with her roots and visit her extended family. It was there she discovered products made of buffalo horns — from chopsticks and spoons to hair combs and jewelry. She began to fall in love with the material as she learned more about it and the beauty of it. While she loved the material as jewelry, she found the styles distasteful. 

Jessica bought a few of them and started to reconstruct them to suit her own unique style. As she wore them she received compliments and started selling them on Etsy. This became a hobby. By day she led the design team as head of design for a tech startup in Palo Alto. By night and on weekends she would make horn earrings and necklaces to sell to her friends and family. In February 2018, Jessica left her career in tech to build out Hathorway. This gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her Vietnamese culture while allowing her to pursue her childhood dream in fashion. 

“Hathorway” is short for Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and beauty, known for her iconic headdress made of cow horns. While the name is inspired by Egyptian culture, Hathorway is ultimately Asian traditions infused with West Coast visions. 

Hathorway is a women-owned and women-run business. We donate 10% of our profits to organizations that help women through education, science, justiceF and other advancements of women's empowerment.

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