What Is a Quokka?

In short, a quokka is a cheerful-looking furry animal from Australia. So cheerful looking the quokka is often called, " Happiest Animal on Earth." The reason someone is asking me this is because Just Abi has designed some darn cute Quokka unicorn fantasy animals for Christmas. She’s putting the image on pajamas, t-shirts, ornaments and Christmas cards. Look for Han Quokkacorn. Also, there is a customizable polkadot scrunchie.

What else about quokkas and how do they differ from koalas?

Quokkas and koalas both are little and furry and cute looking. Quokkas look like giggling groundhogs, while koalas seem more like sleepy teddy bears. I understand Australia lost many of both in the terrible fires they have had in the last couple of years. Disclaimer: We live in Denver, not Australia, though my late husband has family there. So, I haven't met either a koala or quokka in person. I did draw a lovely pastel of a koala when my girls were little that was in their room for many a year, until Abi was a teenager.


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