Loving Springtime in the Rockies

It's Saturday afternoon in Castle Rock, Colorado. Thursday the day was in the sunny high 80's. By Thursday night it started snowing and snowed all day and all night Friday. This morning a foot of snow. Now it is 81 degrees again.

The moral of the story is, people who live in Colorado are flexible, resilient and love change. The happy ones, any way. 

The rule of thumb here is don't plant anything before Mother's Day, but lots of us end up planting twice because we can't wait. This year the huge spring storm came two weeks after, so you just have to take your chances. 

Scheduling events similarly requires chance taking. One year a statewide church event I was planning got dumped on, memorable for me, living on the plains of northeastern Colorado.  A generation later I was working at the University of Northern Colorado and plans had to be hastily revised to bring the graduates and their parents , some who had flown in with the storm) into the gymnasium. Different look than anticipated, but a good story for the grads.

I'm dogsitting this weekend, and Tanner was not so sure of venturing out into the snow this morning. By the time her dogwalker arrived, she was eager to get out.The snow was melted from the walks and the trees had shivered their greenleaved branches clear. I happily had retrieved the pots of petunias and moss roses from the front porch in time. (I don't want to think what has happened to my untended pansies sitting out on the balcony at home.)

Now that we are in the COVID era, and Zoom has come into our lives, I'm happily attending the Landmark Conference for Global Transformation, connecting with writers and artists and other committed folks, while blissfully sitting at the dining room table throwing popcorn for Tanner to catch in the air and the fireplace crackling.  Despite all the problems in the world, there is a lot to love about the time in which we are living.

Just call me Rocky Mountain High.


Michele Parish Zuniga






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