Run With It: Kristin

Kristin loves being a mom, her kids are little joy balls. Kristin also loves the hour of complete silence she gets when she puts on her kicks, runs...

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Run With It: Jen

Jen is still an athlete, so running is her new sport. She treats it that way. Jen trains. Jen's on a team. Jen comes to compete. She tracks her tim...

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Run With It: Charlie

Charlie likes to tell people she was born running, but, no, really: Charlie's mom Shanetta was a long-distance runner and went into labor during a ...

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Run With It

Run With It: Song

Song is studying to take the Bar Exam. Song is also getting married in three months, but she’s not running to fit into her dress, or listening to s...

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Run with Dierdre

Deirdre loves to run. She loves the feeling of running in her muscles while she runs, and she loves the tightness and the soreness later that says,...

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Run With It: Rita

Rita at 87-years-old can run further than when she was 27. Rita's on what she calls the "Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light" exercise plan. ...

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Run With It: The It Club!
Athletic Wear

Run With It: The It Club!

While it is technically still fall, spring will be here before we know it! We've had a number of requests to start some running/walking/hiking club...

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