Dangerous Times Call for Face Masks--But They Can Be Beautiful

Michele Parish Zuniga in red-white-black poppydot mask

This week the President led the country in a memorial for those who have died of COVID this past year, the White House steps covered in candles to honor the 500,000+ dead. I wish that were all the people that will die from this epidemic.

I’m glad we have been doing our bit by consistently staying in and wearing masks when anyone comes to the house.

My first COVID mask was given to me by my friend Jean, one of the talented crafters at our church. Her husband Tom sits behind me in the choir, or he did prior to the quarantine. Jean was making and delivering lovely masks from quilting fabrics before we could buy masks anywhere.

Since then I’ve found masks online in an increasing variety of styles, but of course I like best the ones designed by my daughter, our own Lovely Abi C. I especially like the Poppy DotStripe ones (above), and I also bought the one that matches her Run for It Athletic Line. There is a little pocket for the filter. Our masks feel soft and silky and comfortable. We gave a number of masks as Christmas gifts, too. My step-daughters liked the dragonfly masks.

Back to masks. Don’t you feel wearing a mask gives you a hint of mystery? Like you might be a little--dangerous? Or secretly sexy?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) we truly are still dangerous, and Americans will continue wearing masks well into 2022. Masks are so fashionable and cute, I wonder if they may become a standard fashion accessory we won’t want to give up once the pandemic is over!

In Korea and Japan, for example, wearing masks has become a staple health precaution, if not, generally, for fashion’s sake. However, a BTS fan girl tells me that black masks are actually a K-Pop fashion statement.

Information on How to Wear Your Lovely and Strong Fashion Masks

The CDC advises that masks provide better protection from disease if you follow these important steps to ensure that your mask works the best it can.

  1. Make sure your mask fits snugly against your face. Gaps can let respiratory droplets (from someone else) leak in, and (your own) droplets leak out to infect someone else. Your lovely and Strong Fashion Mask has beads on the ear loops to give you the perfect fit.
  2. Pick a mask with layers, such as all the Lovely and Strong Fashion Masks. A mask with layers helps keep respiratory droplets in, especially if you are sick, and out if someone around you is sick.The CDC recommends wearing a disposable paper mask underneath a fabric mask to give the disposable mask a snugger fit, as well as an additional layer of protection.  You can double layer all Lovely and Strong Fashion Masks over a paper mask.
  3. The CDC does not have a recommendation on filters, but we have provided a small pocket for filters in your Lovely and Strong Fashion Masks, should you wish to use a filter. In our experience the carbon filters help especially with smells.
  4. NOTE: Do NOT double layer fabric with fabric, paper with paper, or KN95 masks with anything.

So long!     


Michele Parish Zuniga

P.S. I love these dragonfly masks, too.

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