Run With It - Jen | Bicycling Blue Unisex Zip Hoodie | Just Abi Athletic Collection



  • Zipped fleece jacket to keep you nice and toasty before the race
  • 2 large front pockets and roomy hood
  • Soft 86% Polyester 14% Cotton
  • Classic Fit
  • Black zipper
Care Instructions: Machine wash on cold, inside out, and with like colors. Do not iron or bleach.


Jen doesn't necessarily love to run, but Jen is an athlete and athletes run. Jen has a trick knee that makes basketball too tricky to play these days, but Jen is still an athlete, and running is her new sport. She treats it that way. Jen trains. Jen's on a team. Jen comes to compete. She tracks her time and the road conditions. Jen has exactly what she needs in her funky little fanny pack and she knows what heat she's in and where she's supposed to stand. Jen will let you borrow her lip balm halfway through the run when your lips are so chapped it feels like thirteen layers of skin will peel right off except that little gummy portion that has sealed together and may never come apart again and you can't even focus on anything else. Take a run with Jen.

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