Run With It - Charlie | Hit the Gym Green Unisex Zip Hoodie | Just Abi Athletic Collection

  • Zipped fleece jacket to keep you nice and toasty before the race
  • 2 large front pockets and roomy hood
  • Soft 86% Polyester 14% Cotton
  • Classic Fit
  • Black zipper

Care Instructions: Machine wash on cold, inside out, and with like colors. Do not iron or bleach.

    Charlie likes to tell people she was born running, but, no, really: Charlie's mom Shanetta was a long-distance runner and went into labor during a marathon. Charlie's mom is both insane and an amazing cook. Shanetta taught Charlie well, to cook and to run. Charlie makes her own homemade protein and oat bars that power her through the end of the race. Charlie can run like that little pink battery bunny. Charlie can run forever on her special oat bars. Charlie is training to run across America. Her dream is to run the Great Wall of China. In the meantime, Charlie knows how to pace herself, how to drop into that runner's headspace, and how to share the road. If you are lucky enough to run next to her, Charlie might just share her oat bars with you. Take a run with Charlie.

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